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We all have the right to be happy and live a fulfilling life. In working with me you’ll have an experienced, empathic, and non-judgmental counsellor and mediator

Affordable rates. Concessions for Health Care Card holders and pensioners.

​Workplace Issues

Workplace issues can range from stress from overwork, low job satisfaction and frustration at being overlooked for promotion to harassment and bullying. 

If any of these are issues for you, we can work together to help you overcome them.

Addiction Counselling

An addiction exists when we are unable to control our use of a substance (drugs) or our participation in activities, such as gambling, sex, eating or working.  Behavior can become an addiction when we lose control over it; when it controls us.

Have you lost control of a behavior?  We can work together to help you regain control.

Relationship Counselling

Does your relationship feel tired? Do your arguments end up in shouting matches? Do you and your partner seem to have nothing in common? Do you do anything to avoid spending time together?

If so, I can help the two of you work through those issues.

Abuse Counselling

Abuse can take many forms, including physical, financial, emotional, verbal, sexual, spiritual and elder abuse.  Abuse can impact us at a very personal, deep and profound level.  It can interfere with our ability to form healthy relationships and to maintain existing ones.  It can affect our ability to live a normal, productive life.

If you’ve experienced abuse, let me help you work through the trauma it causes.

Counselling Techniques

  • Behaviour modification

  • Person centred counselling

  • Solution focused therapy

  • Multimodal therapy

Professional Memberships

  • Counselling Tasmania Incorporated

  • The Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM)

  • The Law Society of Tasmania

  • Financial Counsellors Association of Tasmania

  • Financial Counselling Australia


  • Counsellor, private practice (current)

  • Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner Registration Number R 1006248 (current)

  • Financial Counsellor, Anglicare Tasmania (current)

  • Hospice Support, Hospice Care Southern Tasmania (current)

  • Telephone Counsellor, Lifeline Tasmania

  • Legal Practitioner, NSW, and Tasmania (Tasmania – current)

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